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My approach to intuitive work is down-to-earth and grounded in the realities of daily life. I balance spirituality with material plane common sense and bring you information that you can really put to use in your life. I generally attract clients that wouldn’t usually think to see a psychic, but for whatever reason are drawn to have a reading with me. I can relate! As someone with a successful professional career in management, organization, and facilitation, I didn’t anticipate offering these services.

Over ten years ago I sought out an intuitive development teacher with the hopes of learning how to ‘turn off’ my abilities. Instead, I ended up learning how to manage my gifts and soon I was helping others. As humans, we generally come into the world with amnesia, forgetting the other side and forgetting the journey that our soul has been on. For me, it’s like partial amnesia.

One of the challenges that comes with remembering, is that I carry memories of my own traumatic past lives. I’ve had to learn how to recognize my blocks and triggers, face my fears, forgive, process, and heal. One of the gifts that comes with this ability is that I am able to easily access past life information for other people and help them to heal and move on. The beautiful thing is that once the trauma has been processed, it’s truly gone. We will then experience greater success, ease and peace in our lives. This is what inspires me. I see how deeply transformative and healing these readings are for my clients.

In 2012, I made a commitment to spirit to show up for this work and I continue to make time in my schedule for readings. I am honoured to be of assistance.

I’ve had excellent teachers and mentors that have supported me on my journey. I'm so grateful for the healing help and wisdom shared from:


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