Receiving intuitive guidance: Dropping into the Heart Space

We usually spend a lot of our day in our heads. When I do a reading, I ask my client to drop their awareness from their head down into their heart, and I do this for myself as well. Last week, after my client beautifully dropped into her heart space during a reading, I felt a profound shift and said “Thank you.” Later, she asked me why, which got me thinking about the experience and how powerful it is.

Dropping out of my head during an intuitive reading allows me to put the personal aside and be fully present to receive guidance. When clients drop into their hearts, the information received from guides flows in effortlessly. Saying thank you was a way of acknowledging the ease of the job.

This experience has happened hundreds of times and speaks to the power of dropping into our hearts. When we do, we receive the kind of guidance that is aligned with our heart’s truth. While our heads, egos, and personalities have their value – in an intuitive reading it’s simply most useful to tap into the wisdom of the heart.

If you haven’t tried dropping into your heart space, I encourage you to give it a try. Here’s how I lead us to do this in an intuitive session:

  1. Look around the room and establish safety first. The mind needs to know that there is no danger in order to relax and be comfortable dropping down.
  2. Close your eyes or take a soft gaze. This simply helps to eliminate distraction.
  3. Take some slower and deeper breaths as feels comfortable for you.
  4. With each breath on the exhale, become aware of your feet on the floor, and your seat on the chair under you. Notice your body and how it feels.
  5. Now drop your awareness down from your head into the center of your chest.
  6. Continue to breathe into that heart space and practice gently returning there as the mind wanders.

After dropping into your heart, notice how you feel. Can you sense the difference after being in your mind? Do you feel more calm, centered, or connected? I love the quiet that is present here.

This gentle practice opens the doorway to receiving guidance. The wisdom of the heart is accessible to all of us. Try it out and see where it leads you!