Setting boundaries with spirit guides

I set a clear boundary when working with spirit guides: only guides that resonate with the frequency of unconditional love or higher are allowed to come in.

There are many frequencies in the realm of spirit, but I choose to work with the ones that vibrate at the highest level – unconditional love or higher. These guides have the best information for you that is in alignment with your Higher Self and support you to move forward in a way that is in alignment with your highest path and timeline.

Sometimes, we may have guides that are ancestors or people who have passed over, but just because they are on the other side doesn’t mean they are suddenly enlightened. They may still have their own agenda for what they think is best for us.

Two things happen when I set this intention. First, if you have a guide that is not resonating at that high frequency, they may give information to another guide who IS allowed in. This ensures that the information that comes in is crystal clear and in alignment with your higher self.

The other thing that happens is that sometimes those lower frequency guides will actually shift up. Recently, I have seen this happen twice where the mother of the person I was reading for had recently passed over. Suddenly, they shifted their vibration and flooded in because they raised up to that place of unconditional love. Then, they were able to come into the reading and share messages. In both cases, my clients really felt that their mom was there and were flooded with tears and emotion. It was a poignant and beautiful moment.

Setting the intention of bringing in guides resonating with unconditional love or higher is powerful and keeps us safe in this work. I believe that it can be of service in both directions as well.

~Sarah Downey