Will you receive more than you can handle?

The Power of Setting Intentions Before a Reading

Before a reading, I always speak aloud the intention that “Whatever comes through must be perfect for you to receive at this time.” This ensures that you leave the reading feeling empowered, rather than overwhelmed.

Setting an intention is like setting a boundary. By setting this clear parameter, I feel safe and you can trust that whatever comes forward is perfect for you to receive at this time.

I also trust that this boundary will be respected by spirit. In my experience of giving hundreds of readings, I have learned that any difficult information will only come through when my client is ready and able to process it. If it comes up, you are ready.

The intention also helps us stay focused on the present and moving forward, rather than getting caught up in the story of the past. Although past life issues may arise, the reading is intended to help you move forward in your present life.

While specific details about a past life may come up, I focus on the core feelings and emotions that are important for you to know. Sometimes, I’ll receive specific details such as the year or location of a past life, but I’ve found that what matters most is clearing emotional blocks and moving forward. The details are less important than the essence of the matter.

Ultimately, setting this boundary is key to a successful reading. By setting the intention that whatever comes through is perfect for the client to receive, we create a safe and empowering space where healing can take place.

~ Sarah Downey